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Our Advantages

A question that pops up everywhere! Nevertheless, here is our answer! You may choose us because we present to you on a platter, dishes designed to satisfy the variegated needs of people raring to become global citizens of repute and demand!


We have a policy of not biting more than we can chew, and hence concentrate on giving quality and completing projects at hand. Clients are our top priority, and we ensure that the relationship is sustained.



“I sense that with time Winged Post has grown up on its motivation and passion towards transforming young minds by guiding them on their path. And it's been an honor and privilege being a part of the guidance program. Looking forward to working with Winged Post in many such endeavours in future.”

Jai Kishor - NLP Specialist, Chennai

“The most important character I admire in Winged Post is the support it provides. Be it for the Trainers or for the students, to my observation, it is hell bent on giving them what they want. In the recent programme, the support offered to me made me wonder whether I was working for them or they were working for me”

Jegan Preeth - Soft Skills Specialist

About The Company

We are a registered indian Educational service providing company. Located in Tamil Nadu, India.

Our principle is to empower the process of education with fun and understanding.

We belive fun or entertainment in the education process will improve the involvement of the student. We also belive in innovation in education.

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